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No Experience Necessary
Sharks seen daily. Come dive with us!


Built for both New & Experienced Divers

No Experience Necessary
Sharks seen daily. Come dive with us!


Built for both New & Experienced Divers
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Bahamas Shark Diving Excursions

Welcome to Bahamas Shark Diving. We are a world-class shark diving charter company specializing in bringing divers from all corners of the globe and of all skill levels up close and personal with the sharks of the Bahamas. The Bahamas undoubtedly is the shark diving capital of the world. Within this island chain exists some of the best locations to see and dive with the most impressive shark species found anywhere in the ocean. Along with the types of shark species found in the Bahamas, the number of sharks found here is second to none. It is not uncommon to dive with dozens of the target species during your expedition all within pristine tropical dive conditions. When it comes to professional and recreational opportunities Bahamian shark diving is as good as it can be. The Bahamian islands are one of the few places in the world that protects sharks wholeheartedly, when you add to that lasting untouched waters and remote locations the result is the pinnacle of shark diving on the planet. Names like Tiger Beach, Bull Run, and Tuna Alley have become legendary dive sites among shark divers worldwide. At Bahamas Shark Diving we exhaust every resource and opportunity available to make sure your dive expedition to the Bahamas is one you will never forget and one you will get the most you possibly can out of.

Let’s Go Shark Diving in the Bahamas!

Securely guiding you to a close encounter with the sea’s dominant predators.

Shark Diving in the Bahamas for divers of all levels at Tiger Beach

When it comes to sheer numbers of the largest predatory sharks found in the world, no location is better than Tiger Beach. At Tiger Beach it is possible to see every large coastal predatory shark found in the tropics in a single dive, and lots of them. The dive site is home to Tiger, Lemon, Great Hammerhead, Bull, Reef, and Nurse sharks. The location itself is a bank that sits between two productive feeding grounds for sharks 20 miles off the coast of Grand Bahama Island. Situated between the deep reefs and drop offs of the Gulf Stream to the West, and the prey rich shallow seas to the East, large sharks frequent this area more than any other. Over the last few years this location has become THEY spot for the ultimate in shark diving vacations and expeditions. The trips we put together at this location will put you on the best shark diving opportunity that exists for quantity and quality. The crew and boat used for this trip are one of the most experienced in the shark diving industry and has more than a decade of experience bringing hundreds of clients of all skill levels successfully and safely to the best shark dive sites around the world. This trip is all about the sharks and getting you to the best locations Tiger Beach has to offer. Tiger Beach guests have the option of diving with or without a shark cage. Our boat leaves from the Old Bahama Bay Marina in the morning and returns each afternoon giving our guests the ability to maximize dive times on their schedule and be able to spend the night on the mainland and prepare for the next day of diving.
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Shark Diving Excursions

Experience memorable shark diving adventures in the Islands of the Bahamas

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Sharks of the Bahamas

Meet and swim with a wide variety of tropical shark species on your shark diving adventure in the Bahamas.

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About Our Shark Diving Trips

Bahamas Shark Diving is the leading resource for unforgettable shark diving adventures in the islands of the Bahamas.

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We offer Photo & Video Packages

Don’t let your memories from your amazing adventure fade! We proudly offer photo and video packages to help capture your adventures!

Dedicated to Shark Preservation

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Custom Shark Snorkel Adventures in the Islands of the Bahamas

Our shark diving adventures are spearheaded by the seasoned shark expert, Captain Bryce Rohrer. With over a decade of global experience in shark handling, Captain Bryce’s dedication and respect for sharks have led him to conduct numerous shark diving adventures off the East Coast of America, predominantly in Florida. His extensive knowledge stems from spending about 250 days annually on the water, engaging closely with sharks. This expertise enables Captain Bryce to skillfully locate and safely guide people for shark encounters in locations around the world. An ardent advocate for conservation, he is keen on introducing visitors to the captivating and powerful presence of wild shark species, emphasizing their crucial role in marine ecosystems. On every excursion, Captain Bryce is committed to ensuring a memorable and extraordinary experience for each guest on a Bahamas Shark Dive.

No training or prior experience required. Guaranteed Shark Sightings!

New Divers to Experts Welcome on our Trips


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Your Vessel & Dive Equipment

We employ only top of the line boats and equipment for our shark diving charters. Our flagship vessel is a 2001 36′ Northern Bay Downeast. Custom Built in Maine, the Northern Bay Downeast is a stout, heavy boat that is designed with comfort and stability in mind for our charter guests.

The Bahamas Shark Diving Adventure

When we take you shark diving in the Bahamas it will be the trip of a lifetime. You will witness wildlife on a level that can only be found in this chain of islands. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email for more information.

About Us

We are a full service shark diving operation that is based out of South Florida. Our team takes divers of every experience level on immersive ecoadventures to meet and swim with the ocean’s apex predators in their natural environments in the islands of the Bahamas.

The Process Explained

Our specialized team will lead you through each phase of the shark diving journey.


We always see sharks!

Our shark locations in the Bahamas allow us to put our divers on the sharks each and every trip. 


No licenses required

Our specialized snorkel and dive excursions don’t require any prior experience or certifications from major scuba diving organizations. 


We provide everything you need

Don’t worry about bringning any specialized dive gear for your trip. We provide everything you need for an unforgettable journey. Additionally, you are always welcome to bring your own gear!


Get in the water with sharks!

Jump right in to the water off the islands of the Bahamas and get up close and personal with these amazing creatures to experience the magic of this apex species. 

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Amazing Shark Diving Excursions in the heart of the Bahamas

Bahamas Shark Diving Trips

Bahamaian Shark Excursions

All-experience Shark Diving

Our Bahamas Shark Diving adventures are all completely custom built to address your main Bahamaian shark diving objectives.

We offer multiple locations for diving that include Tiger Beach, Bimini, and Cay Sal Bank, all of which provide different shark diving experiences for our guests.

We love to assist with and cater to the special needs of your uniqueBahamaian shark diving adventure. We provide all the equipment necessary to make your expedition a success. All you need is your team. Everything required to find and work with the marine wildlife is provided by the team at Bahamas Shark Diving.


Trip Times:

Trip times are provided on a custom basis depending on the location in the Bahamas you wish to visit for your shark diving adventure. 


Trip costs are determined on a client to client basis based on the needs of the group. To put together a trip itinerary please give us a call or email directly.
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More information about our Bahamaian Shark Diving Trips

Bahamas Shark Diving, situated in Palm Beach, Florida, is an expert shark diving adventure provider, offering premier shark encounters through our renowned shark excursions.

Our team boasts an impeccable history in providing our guests with secure and comfortable encounters with Bahamas’ sharks. With more than ten years of successful shark dives, we deliver an extraordinary experience for all, from novice snorkelers to seasoned shark diving professionals. Our excursions are acclaimed as some of the finest shark diving experiences globally, with the Bahamas consistently presenting outstanding conditions for thrilling open-sea adventures throughout the year.

We always find the Sharks!

No dive experience necessary

Dive/Snorkel Gear all provided

Come Dive with us in the Bahamas!