When it comes to sheer numbers of the largest predatory sharks found in the world, no location is better than Tiger Beach. At Tiger Beach it is possible to see every large coastal predatory shark found in the tropics in a single dive, and lots of them. The dive site is home to Tiger, Lemon, Great Hammerhead, Bull, Reef, and Nurse sharks. The location itself is a bank that sits between two productive feeding grounds for sharks 20 miles off the coast of Grand Bahama Island. Situated between the deep reefs and drop offs of the Gulf Stream to the West, and the prey rich shallow seas to the East, large sharks frequent this area more than any other. Over the last few years this location has become THEY spot for the ultimate in shark diving vacations and expeditions. The trips we put together at this location will put you on the best shark diving opportunity that exists for quantity and quality. The crew and boat used for this trip are one of the most experienced in the shark diving industry and has more than a decade of experience bringing hundreds of clients of all skill levels successfully and safely to the best shark dive sites around the world. This trip is all about the sharks and getting you to the best locations Tiger Beach has to offer. Tiger Beach guests have the option of diving with or without a shark cage. Our boat leaves from the Old Bahama Bay Marina in the morning and returns each afternoon giving our guests the ability to maximize dive times on their schedule and be able to spend the night on the mainland and prepare for the next day of diving.


There are three main accommodation options for Tiger Beach. You the client can either book these accommodations on your own with our direction if needed, or we can book all your accommodations and logistics for you.

Old Bahama Bay Resort: Old Bahama Bay is an upscale resort offering the closest access to Tiger Beach. The hotel is 4 stars and offers everything from single rooms to large villas.

Blue Marlin Cove: Blue Marlin Cove is a recently renovated inclusive resort just a short 10 minute car ride to and from the boat each morning and afternoon. There is a large marina, residence style rooms, restaurant, and pool.

Private Villa Rentals: There are a number of private villas to rent on the West End of the Bahamas. If this is an option you would like more information on give us a call or email directly for more information.


One of the best parts of Tiger Beach is despite being located in a remote location its not that hard to get to. There are daily flights leaving any of the major South Florida airports to Grand Bahama Island. Once you get to Grand Bahama you will have a car service pick you up at the airport and drive you to the far west end of the island just 30 minutes away. From there you check into your accommodations and get ready for your first dive of the trip the very next morning or the afternoon of arrival.
For travel bookings guests can either book their travel itineraries on their own or we can take care of that for you. For more information on this please give us an email or phone call directly.

*Important Note: All travelers provide a valid passport of citizenship before entering and exiting the Bahamas and abide by international travel guidelines.

Cost: Trip costs are determined on a client to client basis based on the needs of the group. To put together a trip itinerary please give us a call or email directly.



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