Bimini is one of only two places in the world you can see the oceans most elusive large predatory shark found in the tropics, the Great Hammerhead Shark. Great Hammerheads are without a doubt the pinnacle of shark diving in the Bahamas. These large predatory sharks can grow to over 20' making them the largest hammerhead and rival to the Tiger Shark for the 2nd largest predatory shark in the ocean. Their prehistoric build and elusive nature makes them a prize among researchers and wildlife photographers. This shark diving expedition takes place on the sand banks running along the Gulf Stream in water depths ranging from 15' to 50'. The dive conditions at this site are usually ideal as the islands to the east often put us in the lee of the wind. Visibility at this site is often over 80' and sometimes over 100'. Bimini for the most part is a bank with nothing but a sand bottom that slopes off for miles until it drops into the Gulf Stream. It is believed the Hammers congregate here to feed on stingrays in the sandy bottoms. Because this shark diving site sits relatively close to deep water it is possible to draw in other sharks, most commonly , tiger, and reef sharks.

Once we arrive on site we deploy baits throughout the water column and wait for sharks to arrive. The average number of Great Hammerheads seen at this site is 1-4 per day. The hammers at this site also tend to stay around the boat for long periods once they arrive. Great Hammerheads only come to this location in numbers for a short period of time from mid-January through March 1st.

Aside from Great Hammerhead Expeditions Bimini has some of the best Bull, Tiger, Reef, Lemon, and Nurse shark dives in the Bahamas. Bimini is unique because most of it's dive sites are located close to shore and in shallow water making them accessible in nearly all weather conditions. Bimini is also a year round shark destination making it possible to successfully target sharks every day of the year. Because of the convenient dive locations, shallow depth, and year round shark populations Bimini is the most practical and efficient shark diving location in the Bahamas. The island itself is also only a 30 minute plane ride from any of South Florida's main airports in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.


There are many accommodation options in Bimini for all budgets. Guests can either book accommodations on their own with or without our direction or we can take care of all accommodation and travel logistics.


Bimini is one of the easiest and shortest trips to make from the mainland US to the Bahamas. The island itself is located 50 miles due east of Miami, FL. The flight time to Bimini from South Florida's major airports in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale is less than 30 minutes. It is also possible to travel to Bimini by boat, which takes anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on boat speed. When if comes to travel we can either plan your itinerary for you or let you plan travel on your own.

*Important Note: All travelers provide a valid passport of citizenship before entering and exiting the Bahamas and abide by international travel guidelines.

Cost: Trip costs are determined on a client to client basis based on the needs of the group. To put together a trip itinerary please give us a call or email directly.



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